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VPHA’s members include public health and healthcare professionals, educators, researchers, students, and advocates. Our Member Spotlight highlights these incredible individuals and the work they are doing to advance public health.

Chloe Van Zandt

Chloe is a Senior Policy Manager at Virginia Health Catalyst and is a part of VPHA's Policy & Advocacy Committee.

How long have you been a member of VPHA? 

 I've been a member for one year, and am grateful to be a part of this association. I saw VPHA members accomplish a lot of great things this past year and am excited for what's in store.

What makes you passionate about public health? 

 Being involved in public health policy is an incredible experience. I had the privilege to lead grassroots advocacy efforts to expand access to dental care to nearly a million Virginians. The feeling of hope I had the day the policy took effect – of knowing people were a little bit closer to being healthy and happy – that’s what keeps me committed to the hard work we have ahead of us.

What do you enjoy the most about being a VPHA member? 

 I love the community! As a member of the Policy and Advocacy Committee, I’ve met new people in the field and know that we can accomplish hard things together.

What’s your current job and how does it relate to public health? 

 My job at Virginia Health Catalyst is Senior Policy Manager. In this role, I lead Catalyst's policy initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels. Through developing and implementing Catalyst's advocacy initiatives, we get closer to comprehensive health care that is accessible to all and a future where everyone in the Commonwealth has equal opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Who is your public health hero? 

 The past two years in the COVID-19 pandemic were hard on the people working in public health. My heroes are the people that have stayed committed to the field, who show up day in and day out through the darkest moments to continue doing what needs to be done. We've seen incredible individuals rise far above their call to action – some have become so well known they're now household names. Still others, who I'll never know personally, have given more than I know to keep the people around them as healthy as possible. They're the ones that inspire me the most and make me believe that the future is bright.

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